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Do you have project work that needs doing that needs experienced finance staff to do but you don’t have the in-house resources available to deliver it?

We have experience of delivering projects in businesses of all sizes including large multi-national companies.

Examples of recent projects we have completed include:

  • Finance lead on synergy work in due diligence for acquisition of a £1.2 billion turnover company (including detailed organisational design).
  • Creating a process and methodology around the measurement and tracking of synergies/one-off costs (including building an Organisational Design Tracker) following acquisition of a £1.2 billion company. Included regular reporting and review with the CEO and CFO of the parent company.
  • Running a cost-reduction project (reduction in Central/ Divisional overhead) to remove £6m+ of costs from the business reporting directly to the CEO, CFO and Group HRD.
  • Performing a number of contract balance sheet reviews and highlighting to the CFO the key issues, risks and corrective actions arising.
  • Performing a number of Post Investment reviews comparing the profitability, cash flow and returns on contracts to what was presented at the tender stage and summarising the findings to the parent company.
  • Developed reporting to the CFO re: month end/forecasts (1 pagers, flash, risks and contentious work in progress).
  • Running a project to reduce the number of parked and blocked supplier invoices to ensure that the suppliers’ invoices were open for payment to reduce operational risk from being ‘on stop’ with suppliers.
  • Running a project to ensure that UK subsidiary of Spanish-listed company met the new requirements of internal control over financial reporting for listed companies (‘SCIIF’). The project involved documenting processes and controls, highlighting key controls and control owners, ensuring the control owners and reviewers completed self-assessment questionnaires advice to give greater importance to companies ensuring adequate compliance with the standards placed.
  • Sarbanes Oxley internal controls work for a FTSE plc

Financial projects are our forte, the more complicated and convoluted the better! We will take away the concerns and difficulties, your project will be managed with experience and dedication.

So, if you can’t make head nor tail of the whole process and find it difficult to envisage a clear path through the strategic steps in reaching your goal, we can help.

Call us today on 0800 011 2680 to talk through your project concerns.