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Reasons to Choose Wagner Mason Accountants

1. Big business experience delivered personally by the directors

We work directly with our clients, so you will be dealing at all times with highly experienced qualified accountants who are personally dealing with your affairs. Regardless of the size of your business all our clients are highly prized and are treated accordingly at all times. We pride ourselves in exceeding expectations and raising the bar against our competition for what dedicated and experienced accountants can deliver.

2. Fixed fees - no surprises

During our initial consultations we will agree with you what our service will cost for the year and you will not pay a penny more with our optional fixed fee packages. You will be able to budget what your outgoings for accountancy and tax will be in advance, so there will never be any surprise additional fees and you have the option of paying monthly.

3. FREE initial tax review

When you engage us we will give you a free top-level tax review to ascertain what you could be doing better to maximise the wealth you retain from your business, and make recommendations based on this for some quick wins to make you immediately more tax efficient.

4. Personal, bespoke service

Every business and business owner is an individual with different needs and levels of understanding, and so requires different levels of time and support when it comes to meetings and levels of service.

We tailor our approach to you and your business and adjust timings accordingly, ascertaining with you from the outset what you want and what you need so we can understand exactly what you want.

With over 40 years’ combined experience in servicing clients in finance, accounting, tax and business advice we are extremely well placed to provide a robust client offering to you and your business.

Read our client testimonials as examples of how we have worked for them...

5. Regular tax newsletters and downloadable advice

Legislation is constantly changing, and can be confusing when you’re trying to understand how it will affect your business. We endeavour to explain in plain English how the changes may affect you and what action might have to be taken. Delivered to you by regular e-mail, our tax tips will help you identify where you could be taking action to save money and as a client of ours a call to discuss it is free.

6. Free support for your contacts

We are happy to spend up to 2 hours of our time at our offices, with your business contacts, to discuss whatever accounting or tax issues they have, at no cost to them or you. We have found that once you have a tax-efficient business and see the benefits of using your accountant for business advice and not just number crunching, you will naturally want to share this knowledge with your contacts saving them money and strengthening your relationships with them.

7. Honest advice and recommendations

We know where our expertise lies, and if we don’t feel we are the best people for the job we will recommend an alternative from our network of trusted professionals.

8. More customers for you

As part of our commitment to your success we will do everything possible to systematically help you find and win more customers, including introducing you to our other clients and contacts if we feel there is an opportunity there for either of you.